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GOT IT! Beginning Theory Made Simple
GOT IT!  Beginning Theory Made Simple
GOT IT! Beginning Theory Made Simple
Item#: DHC80076

Product Description

Cindy Tseng, a Master of Music in piano and pedagogy, and five-time GRAMMY award winner Daniel Ho present a fun and entertaining introduction to the basics of music theory. With their collective experiences as a music instructor and touring clinician, Cindy and Daniel carefully select essential lessons that enable students of all ages to be creative with music.

Enjoy learning how songs are constructed, how to play your instrument more musically, and how to connect with music at a deeper level.

* Write and play your own music!

* Figure out that song without buying the sheet music!

* Learn to improvise!




Teachers know that students need to experience concepts of music theory in order to truly understand and retain them. Hearing, seeing and playing structural elements create a journey of discovery for music students and is the process featured in "Got It!"

This unique volume provides an ideal way for beginning students of all ages to enjoy learning about music. The authors, by combining their individual musical backgrounds with a commitment to meaningful education, have created a wonderful adventure for young musicians.

Dr. Marcia Bosits - Director of Piano Pedagogy, Northwestern University


Creativity is a vital and essential part of musical development. "Got It!" introduces students to composition and improvisation in an effective and innovative way. This exciting exploration of sound and musical concepts results in rewarding and meaningful musical experiences. Enjoy improvising as five-time GRAMMY award winner Daniel Ho accompanies you on the included audio CD!

Dr. Jennifer Snow - Pianist, Associate Professor, UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music


"Got It!" is an incredibly simple and fun introduction to music theory. The idea of going on an adventure is new to theory publications' brilliant way to motivate students by keeping the lessons exciting and entertaining!

I encourage students and teachers alike to take advantage of this engaging presentation of music theory. In the end, students will be able to say, "Got It!" as their path to musical excellence unfolds.

William Doyle, DMA - Professor of Music, El Camino College, Ars Nova Sinfonia


The first time I saw Cindy and Daniel at work was during an open-air concert in the beautiful town of St. Gilgen, Austria. Cindy performed "Oceandance," a toccata written by Daniel. An amazing piece of music, a perfect match; the beginning of a fruitful and prosperous relationship that led to the publishing of this book.

Thank you, Daniel and Cindy, for opening a new door to the beautiful world of music. Thank you, who are now reading these few lines, for having chosen to be part of it.

Daniel Kravina - Conceptio Vienna



Written by Cindy Tseng & Daniel Ho

Illustrations by Cindy Wong

Published by Daniel Ho Creations

Catalog number: DHC 80076

UPC: 644718007625


EAN: 978-0-9842928-2-0