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Featuring new surf-inspired `ukulele duets!
2 to THREE FEET - Herb Ohta, Jr & Daniel Ho
2 to THREE FEET - Herb Ohta, Jr & Daniel Ho
Item#: DHC80060

Product Description
2 to 3 Feet - the ideal Waikiki surf conditions as measured by Hawaiian surf reports. Not too big, not too small, but just right for catching that long and easy ride to shore.

2 to 3 Feet is also the third in Herb and Daniel's `Ukuleles in Paradise collaborations. It picks up where their last album, Step 2, left off. This `ukulele outing offers surf-inspired original melodies and refreshing takes on seaside standards. Perfect for enjoying any ride - in or out of the water.


Song List.....

1. Pahala We Go - Herb Ohta, Jr. & Daniel Ho 2. 2 to 3 Feet - Daniel Ho 3. Wave - Antonio Carlos Jobim 4. Bodysurfing - Herb Ohta (Ohta-San) 5. Jazz the Glass - Herb Ohta, Jr. & Daniel Ho 6. Surfing Walls - Daniel Ho 7. Slack Tides - Daniel Ho 8. Night Surfing - Herb Ohta, Jr. & Daniel Ho 9. Expressions - Herb Ohta, Jr. 10. Alchemy Hour - Herb Ohta, Jr. & Daniel Ho 11. Laupahoehoe Hula - Irmgard Aluli & Mary Kawena Pukui

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Lucky we live Hawai`i.....

Miles and miles of blue skies, verdant greens, sanctuary-like beaches and glassy waves. A picture-perfect image that remains clear in our minds regardless of how near or far Hawai`i may be. With such splendor as a source of inspiration, it's no wonder these melodies came to us so fluidly.

We stay true to our formula of acoustic simplicity - Herb playing mainly on the left speaker and Daniel on the right. Title track included, these songs highlight our third collaborative effort:

Pahala We Go is a funky piece that sprang to life in the Ka`u District of the Big Island while teaching `ukulele classes alongside Keoki Kahumoku. On a side note, this lively escapade even included a wiggly dance in its beginning stages of composition.

Wave and Bodysurfing are memorable tunes that we grew up with. The latter is an Ohta-San classic. As if this song wasn't difficult enough, we decided to play it with a swing.

Jazz the Glass is an old school reference to riding the waves. In this piece, the left hand moves up and down the neck of the `ukulele, akin to a surfer carving a wave.

Surfing Walls. "Walls" refers to the beginner's surf spot across the street from the Honolulu Zoo. We imagined strumming charangos on this billowy, Latin-influenced tune.

Slack Tides and Expressions are up-tempo originals that were previously recorded on our solo albums. This time, we wanted to have some fun with them as `ukulele duets.

Alchemy Hour, in surfing lexicon, refers to a period of time when elements magically come together - perfect waves that serve as a portal to enlightenment. For us, it's that feeling we get when everything just clicks during a live performance.



Herb Ohta, Jr. - tenor `ukulele

Daniel Ho - D-VI tenor `ukulele, recording, mixing, mastering, graphic design, photography

Lydia Miyashiro - photography, liner notes

Doug Katsumoto - graphic design

Herb Ohta, Jr. & Daniel Ho play KoAloha `Ukuleles.


Record Label: Daniel Ho Creations

Recorded: January & April 2007

Release Date: May 27, 2007