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HYMNS OF HAWAI`I - George Kahumoku, Jr. & Daniel Ho
HYMNS OF HAWAI`I - George Kahumoku, Jr. & Daniel Ho
HYMNS OF HAWAI`I - George Kahumoku, Jr. & Daniel Ho
Item#: DHC88922

Product Description
It's peaceful, quiet Sunday morning on the Big Island of Hawai`i. Bright sunlight reflects off a calm sea, a brief, warm shower forms a rainbow on the slopes of Mauna Loa. A small, colorful wooden church is shaded by mango and palm trees in a tiny coastal fishing village. The soft island air, redolent with the gentle scent of plumeria and the richer fragrances of passion fruit, is stirred by sweet music from the church. The songs are distinctly Hawaiian, yet somehow familiar. These are the hymns of Hawai`i, the songs that George Kahumoku, Jr. sang as a child growing up on the Big Island. They are the hymns that have helped to hold his family together over several generations. With this recording, George realizes a dream he has had for many years. He has long wanted to preserve this music, which has been an important part of his spiritual life. When Daniel Ho proposed that they collaborate on a recording of Hawaiian hymns, George immediately agreed. These are the hymns, the h・eni, that George learned as a young boy seated with his parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles and their children around the kitchen table. For George, the little and sometimes not so little tragedies of life are just ways of bringing one closer to God. "George Kahumoku has gotten a little off track, so let's give him a bout of cancer right at this point in his life," is the way he puts it. Especially at these times, not just the words, but also the melodies and rhythms of this wonderful music have brought him comfort and peace. He hopes that this recording will do the same for others.


Song List ...

1. Lokomaika`i (Amazing Grace) 6:42 - 2. Kahalewai (West Maui Mountains) 7:00 - 3. Ko Aloha O Ke Akua (The Queen's Prayer) 6:00 - 4. `Akahi N・A Hele P・(Just a Closer Walk With Thee) 6:10 - 5. `Ekolu Mea Nui (Three Greatest Things) 6:18 - 6. Kanaka Waiwai (Jesus and the Rich Young Ruler) 5:20 - 7. Nani! Nani! E Ho`onani! (Praise Him! O Praise Him!) 4:44 - 8. Ies・No Ke Kahuhipa (Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us) 7:14 - 9. Maika`i E Launa Me `Oe (Sweet Peace, the Gift of God's Love) 6:36 - 10. Kapa H舅au `Ia `I`o E K臾o`o `Uhane 7:10


Credits ...

This album is dedicated to the Pastor Arza Brown, who saved George from himself and pointed George in the right direction when he was ready to give up. He is a man of peace and harmony who makes the bible understandable and who preaches gently and speaks the truth in love. He is pastor of the Grace Independent Baptist Church on Fleming Road in Lahaina, Maui. Also dedicated to George's grandmother, Emily L・ue Hoopale Dulay and his great grandmother Kkoo Kahumoku, who taught him the lessons of the bible at an early age.

In memory of Reverend Abraham `Akaka of the Kawai臧a`o Church in Honolulu, O`ahu.

Special thanks to the Reverend Kekapa Lee of Waiola Church, Lahaina, Maui for sharing his music and translations, and especially inspiration from his album Aloha Kekahi I Kekahi ・Love One Another / Saichi and Ewalina Kawahara for providing the words and translation to Kanaka Waiwai and for being "historians" of Hawaii's songs / Danny Palakiko, Jr. for his Hawaiian language and editing expertise / Nancy Sweeney for opening your home to us / Ben Churchill and Dancing Cat Records for your never ending support of slack key music / the Okamis and KoAloha for the awesome Royal KoAloha ukulele / Larrivee Guitars for the amazing 12 and 6 string guitars / Jeff Ganz and Guitar Center / Joanne Tomita Management / Charles Lochtefeld and Stageright Services / Leilani Marino / Wende Stitt / Steve Harder and Aire Music / Sam and Print Max / Stu Feldman and Tape Specialty, Inc. / Ara and DPS / Wyland / Sweetie, Perry and Price / David Ho / Tiny Tadani / Booklines / City Hall Records / Lifedance / Borders / Auntie Maria and mele.com / Aire Distribution / Loco Moco Drive Inn / Aloha2go.com.

Record Label: Daniel Ho Creations

Recorded: August 1999

Release Date: October 1999